Notebook #Poetry

A yellowed note

that I once wrote to you-

fell from an

old dusty notebook,

I didn’t even have to look

to know the truth,

& with no date

to tie it to my past,

the irony is strange

Maybe nothing

ever lasts forever-

But clearly…

some things never change.

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Beneath #Poetry

Digging my toes in,

I let the ocean tug at me

& then I began walking

towards the horizon,

the water swirling,

Tug – tugging me deep

& effortlessly dancing

& my mind silently reciting

Psalm twenty three







as the salted tide

pulsed all around me

I closed my eyes

in the quiet here

just beneath

and in between

all those

broken memories

feeling the salt sting

and tears becoming

part of all that was

flowing around me

and prayed for peace.

– GL 2017

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Compassion #Poetry

Let me close my eyes,

while you lean over the railing-

to kiss my head//

My cheek,

Don’t let go of my hand,

my heart – please,

The heart monitor is beeping again 

my temperature climbing &

the IV is tugging,

And – we – lean 

our foreheads together,

Closing our eyes, 

I’m just trying to breathe

as we listen to the elderly lady whose forgotten her name 

Not far down the hall screaming in pain and for “Mommy”,

and tears of pain & compassion are falling,

You squeeze my hand to steady me,

Today feels like a long sad dream,




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Long Talks & Tea

For J.

When twilight begins to fade
and it’s been another one of “those” days,

There is a sense of peace to be in your company.

A dash of laughter &

a warm mug of tea

(And let’s be real-

There are cookies too usually)

The day seems just a little softer and less to carry.

What an answered prayer and blessing 

your friendship is to me.

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Heartbeat #Poetry

My heartbeat looks

like firelight

Fierce and hot

Burning brightly

to the tempo

of a Summer’s night.

In response to a prompt by dVersePoets

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Smoking Gun #Poetry

For about the millionth time,

I prayed again for a sign-

and found your street. (Literally)

However, it guided not you but me

and as a part of a journey,

Yet still- I was walking blindly.

The time on your dash was

the smoking gun,

A number that is emblazed in my faith-

under an already blazing sun.

That wise old laugh of yours

cracked the day’s seams-

Your cigarette smoke swirling 

in the tempered heat,

Hanging heavy like a banner –

that reads “Welcome home. You’re free.”

These rusted shackles cracked //

as my vision cleared quickly

in a spark-lit epiphany

I realized I had chained myself

to a beautiful memory-

And so the longest chapter 

has a rather ironic ending

& I guess you could say that 

it gracefully finished

with a musical flourish 

that in no way diminished

my years of naively wondering

but instead offered an answer

that my heart was begging.

& Just like that voice 

from the Wild wild West, (she sang it well)

But we sang it best,

We sang it all- with no more whys-

As you covered the clock to say goodbye. 

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Her – A Poem

Beneath the grit/ you saw it,

but you didn’t feel the need to polish.

You handed me a dirty rag and grunted like you always did in moments like this.

You asked me what I saw-

I saw something rather broken,

I saw soot and scratches-

No words spoken-

Your response was that raise of one brow-

So I leaned in closer now

and frustrated I wiped at darkness

as though I might a sword at war with the night.

I scrubbed and scrubbed

The cool night air blew back my damp hair

As a pixelated image like the coming dawn was drawn before me

I began to see more clearly-

It – was moving now.

My own breathing beating like drums against tired ribs

I wiped this way and that way

Sweat now dripping from my face

pooling with tears of frustration.

I saw colors like prisms surfacing

and I could see the sun.

I could see emeralds glinting-

Moving // blinking,

I used my elbow against the mirror now,

Slowly crouching closer,

and I could see what you saw all along,

I had finally found her.

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