What Magic 🤍 – A Poem

What magical softness
I find in your arms,
What comfort I find-
when you whisper (my name)
What brilliant love I find
growing in my gardens,
My dreams // My darling
will never be the same.

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Train Tracks in Winter – A Poem

Have you ever heard a fire

roar like thunder?

Almost like a loud hiss

As steel // tracks // stutter // kiss

Down rails of wonder

Down trails of time

you might not

want to remember

Like fire on ice,

It’s like a nice // slow // burn

With cold smoke

as memories

slide // collide // divide-

Steel and water grind

and freeze ti-ti-ti- time.

The watch’s hands

become the hunter //

as the sun chases

tomorrow’s shadow-

Have you ever heard a fire

roar like thunder?

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Luce Spezzata – A Poem

What could this mother say to

even touch the sorrow

of this loss?

Like sacred stone against satin-

Who better knows the heavy cost?

Like a luce spezzata,

An eternal love released //

At the foot of the cross.

His broken body

pressed against

her own broken heart // beat

This young woman who

carried the light of

the world in her womb,

Then she held that dimmed

light in her grieving hands,

like a million shattered stars-

with a hidden moon.

She sees a world too lost

in deepening darkness

to comprehend-

the weight on her shoulders,

or even try to understand-

The very essence of Mary

softening the world’s grief-

As the earth spun on its axis-

And His light

splintered // crashing //

into our night sky

come un coro di angeli.



I wrote this while reflecting on Michelangelo’s Pieta.

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Cold Snap- A Poem

Have you heard
the river’s heartbeat?
It’s nearly a melody,
No! Perhaps it’s a symphony.
It pulls at all the heartstrings
this time of year,
It slows down
It sleepily strolls down
the frozen riverbed,
Winter’s caught in a cold snap-
(Wait! Did you hear that?)
As a branch crackles
and bobs in its wake,
There’s too much at stake
not to listen,
to the song Winter’s singing,
Just beneath the frosty surface-
And the deep earth aches and –
daydreams of Spring.

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Winter’s River – A Poem

Snow caps on waves,
wrap me in a frozen wreath
like young Moses-
As I flow down Winter’s river,
The cold sends ripples
almost like dimples but in a frown,
As I slow // down at the
banks of December,
Like a frozen blanket statement-
bumping into January’s wrath,
Splashes of frost
dancing about the rocks
in a tapestry of hope and sorrow,
Pale snow flowers are falling-
I can hear Winter’s river
calling the stones
to turn over and over,
I can hear Winter’s river,
calling me home.

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To Dance – A Poem

My friend, is this a dance?

I can feel my soul moving-

to a rhythm I’ve never felt before,

I’m so thankful for your hands,

Not just to hold // them in mine

No // more to watch them st-re-tch

To catch // a spark of light,

Like an old mason jar –

full of fearless stars & fireflies,

To awaken from slumber-

those too cold, too boldly blind-

to His light // His eyes.

Your words taste like wise leather,

As they weather a tempest-

I now know as my pride-

(We know I try my best!) yet-

This melody sounds

a lot like forgiveness,

As we bend backwards

to step forward-

Toward new memories that

glitter like the morning dew-

Darling, life is but a dance,

This I can see: The truth,

No walls now // no guard-

yet still fumbling with these moves-

And while I pray for His will-

I still // hope my dance card…

will end with you.

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Garden of Stars – A Poem

See my gentle Father,

The Shepherd of our hearts

carefully, slowly tilling

an endless garden of stars-

in thick frosty midnight soil

to light the narrow path

with glittering lanterns

of bright burning oil,

To guide the flocks of the lost,

When they have realized

they’ve wandered off,

(Much like mending a

broken constellation)

& need a guiding hand to find

their way home again.

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Vinyl & Blue

Chewing on consciousness

by a roaring fire,

with a hearth of hope to catch

stray embers of light,

& yearning for old soul

inner peace,

Wrapping my inner child

in the softest blankets-

Blankets and pillows woven of

fluffy hope, joy, and faith,

as blue





in the dying light of yesterday,

and the crackling vinyl plays

the wholeness of holiday carols-

to ring in the season of healing.

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Vellichor – A Poem

My hand slowly passes over

a thousand dimly lit titles

Calloused fingers lingering

& caressing

Soft and worn leather

and their engravings

like a long lost lover

Touching a million journeys

yet to begin learning

Pulling a chapter from a legend

Battle scars from adventures

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Like Fireflies & Rain #Poetry

I can still see you resting

in the water beside me.

Your contagious laughter

rippled in the water,

That nose of yours crinkled

& your eyes twinkled,

Like the fireflies that danced about-

as dusk tucked in around us-

Like a cool breeze and a

light quilt on a Summer night-

Until the skies overflowed-

One —

single —

drop —

at a time

— they fell around us,

Splashed about like a soft melody-

Until that one roll of thunder warned-

Rumbled & tumbled through the air-

And we raced for shelter from the storm.

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