Like Sea Glass #Poetry

Dark like the depths

of the unknown

Rocking to the rhythm

of a long lost lullaby

an incoming memory

washed in with the tide

and I held it and turned

it like brilliant

bits and fragments

of sky blue and turquoise

sea glass in my mind

before my heart

even remembered

her voice,

how she hummed like

an angel on a breeze

and the songs

that she once sang to me

All at once the wicker crackled

& the carrier rocked

Her bare feet

half sunken – sifted

and the horizon

Tilted slowly as though

the hands of time

has forever shifted-

And the pale waves

rolled on and rose higher

as if to greet us once again

As we knelt down to meet the dawn.

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M.K. #ILoveYou

God has an amazing way of communicating with us when we pay attention. The story behind what led to me discovering why I was seeing license plates with MK everywhere would require a novel for me to write and to read.

Maybe it’s a novel I’ll actually write. I have some very exciting news coming folks. Stay tuned. Big things are happening. ♥️

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Like Honey #Poetry

I see passion in your eyes,

glimmering like golden honey,

Lit like lava // simmering-

in between the cracks of

the unforgiving mountains

that made you who you are,

Learning to make more

humble decisions-

Healing decades

of tired muscles locked //

in the fetal position-

Smoothing rigid scars-

to discover your truth,

Learning to listen within-

to the waking masterpiece

who has risen … that is you.

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Finding Quiet #Poetry

Turquoise liquid finger tips

Tug the tide homeward,

Tipping this fragile balance –

As the sky’s fire falls to slumber,

The stars are waking-

And the hands that

see the greatest depths,

Woven of algae and wisdom-

Paint the stillness of peace.

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Blue Light #Poetry

Her waves rise & fall

like the ocean-

a dim blue light

glowing in the distance

and a violin is playing,

I can’t hear my own thoughts.

but I hear what she’s saying

This melody sounds

oddly familiar-

Because it sounds

like my own song,

Like an echo of laughter

the mood is lifted,

and the blue light is forgiven,

Like my past – like my present,

and yet these crests crash

into my mind again-

Her waves rise & fall

like the ocean,

Offering a greater understanding

of my own reflection,

Of false expectations –

Of how this pain I carry

is but a single drop in

this epiphany –

As a brand new notion

washes over me,

& her waves rise & fall

like the ocean.

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Inner Child #Poetry

Soft moonlight

casts a pale glow

across her small face-

She now knows.

She is breathing deeply

& that ripple of a memory

of another time and place

flows through me.

Her calm isn’t because

of any rescuer,

Stronger than a mountain

and steady like a river-

I know her well-






Her newfound peace

is as light as air //

& her hero was me.

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No Longer #Poetry

The weight of heartache

sits with me tonight

Like a shadow

I wish I didn’t know,

and though it feels like my

glass has been

empty for days-

I still know-

I can be happy,

And so that’s what

I’ll choose to be.

But first I am going to let

this storm pass –

not even sadness lasts-

I’ll let these

watercolor tears


free – ly \\

until they can no longer be.

Until my story

no longer bleeds-

the colors of memories

I will keep forever with me,

I’ll lean into this breeze,

and I will do my best

to remember…

Just to breathe.

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