I Hate Socks

If you take anything from this blog, you’ve already read it, if you actually read the title.

My mother brought me my new glasses this past weekend. They have transition lenses which I have never dealt with before. I am completely in love with it because of my light sensitivity. I love that I can just walk outside and it offers instantly shade.

For me my biggest sensory issues involve temperature, noise/volume, and light. I light to carry earbuds if I can remember them and sunglasses..but the one issue of temperature is one of the biggest issues. I will tell you now- I hate socks. I think I always have. I cannot STAND the feeling of being overheated.

In fact, I prefer freezing cold showers over hot showers and splashing cold water on my face at night is one of the most calming things for me as long as I do not get it anywhere else other than my hands and face. I cannot stand the feeling of dripping water on my arms. Very aggitating.

Water is a safe haven for me. I am very drawn to water in general. When I was walking home from school and no one was home I would sometimes take four baths a day, This was until my mother saw the water bill and limited my time. I do not like the feeling of getting into the bath or shower but once I am in- I could stay there forever or so it seems at times.

Speaking of which it is time to time off the glasses, splash some cool water on my face, and head to bed to watch my nightly routine of watching the Golden Girls, King of Queens and Seinfeld. Mostly the latter- but don;t get me started on  Seinfeld (or Seawiorld or my Nalgene bottle collection)…or we could be here all night..

No really-I’m not kidding.

About Gretchen McIntire (formerly Leary)

I am 34 years old, I live in the Raleigh area, and I am writing from the perspective of an individual with Asperger's Syndrome.
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1 Response to I Hate Socks

  1. I also hate socks. And closed-toe shoes (sandals or barefoot is my preference). Partly because of the temperature, partly because socks and shoes prevent my overheating feet from drying out when they get sweaty and gross, but partly just because I do not like having something touch my feet (and socks are worse, because the fabric is weird).

    I’m a little bit drawn to water, but I hate swimming (bad experience in a pool once, and chlorine smells awful). I’ve always loved riding the ferry, though. The ferries where I live have an upper deck and a lower deck and I used to beg my parents to go on the lower deck so that I could be nearer the water. I’ll even tolerate the gross-ness of having sand on my feet so that I can walk along the shore and feel the water swirl around my ankles and hear the waves crash on the shore.

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