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Fly On Faith Instead – A Poem [Excerpt from M, 2006]

My broken wings have torn again, Never nearly truly mend, I close my eyes atop this mountain, And fly on faith instead. [Revised Exercept from Monochrome 2006 by Gretchen Anne Gundel (maiden name)]

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Still Waiting – A Poem [Excerpt from M, 2006]

[Excerpt from Monochrome 2006] Hood over face I walk these halls, Hoping no one will notice, No one will trip me, No one will mock me. I’ve almost adjusted to their mockery, So why do these eyes still cry? Is … Continue reading

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Give It Wings – A Poem [Excerpt from M, 2006]

Passion is often misunderstood, It isn’t a sin, It isn’t lust, It’s a mix of desire and deep love. It’s a feeling like no other, And it burns within you, Its power is what you fuel it, If you feel … Continue reading

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A New Age of Adolescence – A Poem

I’ve been diagnosed with innocence, A bottle of pain in my pocket, It’s Society’s choice of medicine, Enough to cure to cure the deepest love, And it breeds a new New Age of Adolescence. {Excerpt from my book Monochrome, 2006}

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Gather the Candles- A Poem [Excerpt from M, 2006]

Kindle the flickering light- Within your palm. Gather the candles, and inscribe Their flame unto your heart For if Winter’s first flake should fall Freeze your voice, And dares to frost your soul, Your silent hope remains. [Excerpt from Monochrome … Continue reading

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