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I Wish

You know what I wish? Sometimes I wish I had a British accent. Who am I kidding? I’ve always wished I had a British accent. Or maybe an Irish brogue. Yes, that would be perfect. It’s just romantic. Simple as … Continue reading

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Sometimes I don’t know what to write. During those times it’s nearly impossible to force it to happen. It’s like my creative side has fallen asleep for a period of time. Tonight we watched the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. It … Continue reading

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Turquoise – A Poem

For dVersePoets: Poetics Slowly I slip my two pale city-tone feet into a blanket of warm white sand As I close my eyes to listen to the sounds of the crystal ocean I open just one eye to see the … Continue reading

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Down Time

I am seem to be quiet lately. I feel like I am calming down a lot these days. Maybe it’s that I’m just too exhausted to talk. I’m not sure. After what happened in Boston last week, I feel very … Continue reading

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Surrender – A Poem

Submitted to dVersePoets: Poetics Like a cool hand against a warm cheek A gentle breeze swirls & dances between soft gold rays that stream down through powder clouds as I lean against an old oak & breathe out Tired toes … Continue reading

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Absence – A Poem

For Boston & dVersePoets It burns to breathe, Leaning into the shadow of a faded memory- No words, just silence Exhaling the absence of nouns & verbs which billow // like a tangled stream of smoke, It burns to breathe. … Continue reading

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Calming Down

Sometimes it’s easier said than done to relax. I am working on my building on my coping skills for relaxing in stressful situations. As someone who almost always feels anxious, this is so important as part of my daily routine. … Continue reading

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