Dear Autism Community

Dear Autism Community,

As most know, today marks the start of Autism Awareness Month 2013 and I want to share my hopes and goals for this month:

1) I am hoping that April 2013 will bring the Autism community closer together. I know we do not all see eye to eye about what we want to see in the future but regardless of whether you want a cure or not, we can all agree that we ALL want to see more people setting an example of acceptance.

2) I am hoping to get the e-book ready for “Really, Really Like Me” this month.

3) I am hoping to see everyone sharing their stories or hopes to promote understanding for those who are not affected by Autism

4) I am looking forward to meeting new folks as April seems to bring new people from the woodworks and I love connecting and learning.

Some think that Autism Awareness Month is all hype. I see it as a great opportunity for change especially with the new DSM-V coming. Because even though, for me, Autism Awareness is really every month as an adult with Aspergers, it is not old for many people.

We cannot assume that everyone knows about Autism Spectrum Disorders. Hollywood offers plenty of stereotypes and if we do not make the real information and real stories available to those who are interested we are, in a way, denying them the chance to grow and for us to grow as well.

I want to be a part of what will help us, as a community, make our world a place where acceptance is strong and ignorance is weak. We are stronger together. I am so excited to see what April 2013 will bring.

Gretchen Leary


About Gretchen Leary

I am 31 years old, I live in the Boston area, and I am writing from the perspective of an individual with Asperger's Syndrome.
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10 Responses to Dear Autism Community

  1. brian miller says:

    i hope you get that ebook together…i like your heart as well in wanting to be a part of making this world an accepting place…i need to see if there is any autism awareness things around here and maybe take my little aspie friend with me…

  2. Dee Jordan says:

    Autism begs for acceptance without stigma the way mental illness does. I wish all of you a great April and more awareness with compassion and acceptance. I am bipolar, so I know the sting of stigma. That link below won’t erase and it is a dead link.

    • I do believe there are stigmas connected to Autism – but I think its all based on stereotypes. I have even had a doctor ask me how I have Aspergers because I’m not rude? Thats what she actually asked me. So many people are completely clueless about what ASD is really like. They just assume that “Rain Man” and “Sheldon” represent all people with ASD. I hope for acceptance for every disability. MI included. This world has lost its compassion somehow

  3. Grand! I’ve 7 friends with Autism and despite the highs and lows, some “normal” people are scarier !

  4. Very empowering post. Opened my eyes to a lot of aspects. Thank you.


  5. thanks for this Gretchen. I just read your poems at d’verse…I’m thinking you are a hero:-)

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