Let’s Agree to Disagree

I am only going to speak on this once.

Usually, I would steer from this subject. I usually only speak out about Autism awareness. But an article I read this morning really upset me. It suggests that some Christians feel they are being judged for publicly opposing gay marriage.

I’m going to keep this short and it is not an open ended post to spark a debate.

Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs but I do not believe that everyone is entitled to push those beliefs on others in a way that is embarrassing or provocative.

I don’t walk around telling everyone that I am married to a woman. Why should I? I don’t feel the need to broadcast that because it has nothing to do with everyone else. Neither of my parents attended my wedding and although it made me sad that they couldn’t see past their own disagreement to be at my wedding, that was their right.

But I don’t understand why anyone would say that protesting Christians are a hated minority. To me, if you feel the need to publicly protest something, it might be best to first examine why someone else’s marriage impacts your life. Why does my belief that it is who I am impact someone else?

We need to just accept that we are all different. I don’t think it’s awful if you are against homosexuality. You are not me. What I find awful is bullying and judging others because we don’t all agree. We will never all agree. It’s just the way the world is and our differences are what make this world amazing.

Why don’t we just see our differences as a way to learn and grow? God never said it was okay for us to judge did He? My wedding to my wife was my wedding so please kindly keep your beliefs out of it. Our faith should not be easily shaken by someone else’s. We need to own our own decisions and beliefs and accept that not everyone will agree.

Let’s give the gavel back to God, shall we? Let’s just get along.


About Gretchen McIntire (formerly Leary)

I am 34 years old, I live in the Raleigh area, and I am writing from the perspective of an individual with Asperger's Syndrome.
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11 Responses to Let’s Agree to Disagree

  1. jchan_98 says:

    I’ve got to be real, if I see Christians going out of their way to oppose something that does not personally effect them, then, yes I think less of them for that.

  2. brian miller says:

    i was telling a friend the other day that i think that christians fight the wrong battles often…i think the religeon is sadly becoming more known for what it opposes than what it stands for…there was a boy i worked with…finding out i was christian he tried to scare me off saying he was gay and wiccan…he was gay…i dunno about wiccan as that quickly disappeared…when he found out it really did not bother me at all and i was willing to accept him for who he was…

  3. The Truth says:

    The problem with many christians is that they see god only through their in their limited eyes… as opposed to ‘in all things’. or through love.

    oddly, as open minded as my parents are (for christians) they are worried about the effect gay marriage has on christianity – or catholosism. It marking, I guess, the beginning of the end.

    I call it evolution.
    And about fricking time!

  4. You are very wise Gretchen. I’m a Christian and I DON’T oppose gay marriage. I think to each his own, who are we to judge. Jesus didn’t judge anyone. I think the majority of Christians have forgotten the basics and that upsets me 🙂

  5. How can you be bias or lukewarm and at the same time be non judgmental? I’m grateful to know a merciful AND just and Righteous God, his words are not to be overshadowed by our “natural” inclinations. I don’t speak my normal needs ie sexual needs but I don’t seek out one night stands… natural desire in every human must be gaged. However, We are to gain control over the flesh, to be spiritually minded, whether you are gay or not. If Christians respect and honor the soul is not condoning.

    • I respect your thoughts…honestly. At the same time, it’s like respecting Sodom & Gomorrah.

    • I do want to make a point to respond to something you said because it was extremely hurtful.

      My marriage is not a one night stand.

      Your words, while they are yours and you have every right to believe what you wish, are suggesting something extremely offensive to me but what do they cost you? Nothing.

      This doesn’t go both ways here because even if my marriage was offensive to you, it doesn’t impact you in any way. My marriage is between my wife, myself and God. No room for anyone else.

      Look, you’re an amazing writer. We both enjoy each others work. Let’s just keep it to poetry for you and I.

      • I was referring to myself and my experience and never comparing because I’ve got the best “gay” friendships and they have my profound love and respect as well ~ Forgive me if my words weren’t clear enough but, I never was referring to you.
        Thank you for your reply.

  6. Well, as a member of the never-spoken-about-in-media Christian “Left,” I’m an open and affirming person in a congregation of same. Gretchen, you said this isn’t meant to open a can of worms, and I respect that.

    I simply want to say that it’s getting harder to self-identify AS a Christian (and I’m a pastor’s wife) because of all the “haters” out there, who aren’t paying attention to Jesus’ main message, the one he himself said was the most important: LOVE OTHERS. Period.

    God doesn’t play favorites, loves all. Even hypocritical Christians! Love, Amy

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