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Hollow – A Poem

Pour out your heart into hollowed roots Be the tree that no storm can wither For even dreams have roots & yet they stand firm & forever grounded May your pain be washed away by rain May your roots breathe … Continue reading

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Everything – A Poem

For dVersePoets: OLN A slammed door changes everything The pain itself is nearly crippling BREATHE Every sound that follows feels like crashing bolts of internal lightning BREATHE Two trembling hands can only keep out so much sound- to pacify these … Continue reading

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Let’s Agree to Disagree

I am only going to speak on this once. Usually, I would steer from this subject. I usually only speak out about Autism awareness. But an article I read this morning really upset me. It suggests that some Christians feel … Continue reading

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Unspoken – A Poem

For dVersePoets: MTB What I offer as a whisper is often mistaken as song So I’ll sing you a story of a girl who lost her / way and stumbled along that golden road to find the spectrum light of … Continue reading

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Higher Ground – A Poem

Introduction: For added inspiration, I wrote this while listening to the Broadway soundtrack of Disney’s The Lion King’s “Circle of Life“ An unveiled nightmare turning into a story of a dark place where I refuse to be on this journey … Continue reading

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Epiphany – A Poem

Here. We. Stand. In this large unlit room cluttered with lamps I am reaching out with blue blind hands Trying desperately to better understand you I am lead by hope, pulling (heart) strings No // Still nothing Flipping switches Mostly … Continue reading

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