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Really, Really Like Me

Dear Reader, My hopes and dreams for my new children’s book “Really, Really Like Me” go above and beyond the expectations that I had with my two poetry books. I am hoping it will make a difference for children everywhere. … Continue reading

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The Daydreamer – A Poem

For dVersePoets: Poetics I remember the popular girls… brushing their long hair or twisting curls before class like a row of pretentious Rapunzel’s Complaining that their double zero jeans make them look fat Really, come on- what is that? I … Continue reading

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My Truth – A Poem

I heard what I needed and blocked out what was really said I told you that what I wanted was a friend Something beyond your veiled intentions You said you tried your best and my pride let it slide when … Continue reading

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Double Entendres – A Poem

Your motive like gray fell in between the lines Your intentions, you say were pure // but that unraveled over time I won and you lost? Was this a game? Consider the cost I owned my share of that shame … Continue reading

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Crossroads – A Poem

A lonely wanderer stumbles down a seemingly endless dark dirt road Approaching what seems to be the old proverbial crossroads Straight ahead is barren with tattered houses like a ghost town The street name is backwards and impossible to pronounce … Continue reading

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Humble Pie

Sometimes I find that just when I think I’ve got it all figured out, I am the most confused I’ve ever been. I honestly think that God is keeping me on my toes these days. How easy is it to … Continue reading

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Roots – A Poem

She’s kneeling down in an empty barren field Nothing to shield her now from the approaching storm Her dirt caked hands eager to feel warmth pulling at heavy stones She’s digging deeper Cautiously she slips a bare foot into the … Continue reading

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