Silver & Gold – A Poem

For dVersePoets: Poetics

The red-faced blues
lost in a labyrinth
of golden verbs
& social cues
Like blocks of gems
in a spectrum of
cookie cutter letters
that don’t spell words
lost in a “know-it-all,
don’t you?” – universe

Your smooth sounds
like jigsaw sea glass,
are tossed & tumbled
in and out
above, around
grooves of my ever
confused mood

Stop staring at me,
at my expression
I am just trying to
explain why speaking
feels like a life lesson &

why I struggle to secure
these obscure puzzle pieces-
I have no words to say

So speak, I’ll wait-

After all – silver is just
another shade of gray

Gretchen Leary 2013

About Gretchen McIntire (formerly Leary)

I am 34 years old, I live in the Raleigh area, and I am writing from the perspective of an individual with Asperger's Syndrome.
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33 Responses to Silver & Gold – A Poem

  1. It would be perfect if words interlock smoothly even when confused ~ Still its a puzzle to learn the shades of color, much less figure out life’s lessons ~ Lovely to see you Gretchen ~

  2. Mary says:

    Yes, each piece must have a place, must fit somewhere.. I like that silver is just a shiny shade of gray & will remember that. So true.

  3. grapeling says:

    really like this closing refrain:

    After all silver is just
    a shiny shade of gray

    ~ M

  4. janehewey says:

    really wonderful, Gretchen. i love your pitch and your message.

  5. brian miller says:

    jigsaw sea glass…that is just fun to say…smiles….but it symbolizes as well how the smooth sound comes across and how the world is a bit different…you work in the spectrum as well, smiles…i was hoping you would get in on this one…smiles…

  6. annotating60 says:

    ‘Why speaking feels lioke a life lesson.’ Beautiufully put. Great read.>KB

  7. kkkkaty says:

    Your writing gets better all the time…nice, Gretchen, as I agree about the silver and gold…

  8. Great how you applied the word to langauge and understanding. and the ending was just great… I kind of got the image of that old proverb “speach is silver, silence is golden”…

  9. claudia says:

    silver is just a shade of grey…i like… and i know that feeling when the mind is fragmented and what comes out of the mouth is possibly fragmented as well…but good on the listening.. we have unlearned to listen to others cause we’re so busy with talking…

  10. Miriam E. says:

    loved the cookie cutter letters and jigsaw sea glass – beautiful imagery. the finish blew me away – very well crafted.

  11. Rowan Taw says:

    I love the colours in this, from the “red-faced blues” to the “silver” being another “shade of grey”.

  12. Beth Winter says:

    lost in a “know-it-all, don’t you?” – universe <- wonderful
    Oh, I can relate to your poem. Have you noticed that some people always have to speak first? I've learned to wait. It is easier and seems to be my piece of the world.

  13. Poet Laundry says:

    A well-defined struggle. I can relate! Nicely done with the colors as well.

  14. Gary says:

    Great job! Personal yet well crafted!

  15. hypercryptical says:

    Love the imagery Gretchen.
    “The red-faced blues
    lost in a labyrinth
    of golden verbs
    & social cues”
    A wonderful opening.
    Anna :o]

  16. Your answer to the Puzzle prompt – I was hoping you would attempt this one, because I knew you’d come up with the right disparate pieces, not necessarily fitting together in a perfect set of rows, but aching with vulnerability. You have the knack for explaining the Aspie’s conundrum in poetic form. The “silver is just another shade of grey” is especially nice. With much appreciation, Amy

  17. billgncs says:

    I agree – a fine poem with a strong finish.

  18. Grace says:

    I love that ending ~ Lovely to see you Gretchen ~ Hope you are well ~

  19. Akila says:

    a stellar close! good to see you after a very long time

  20. Bryan Ens says:

    This pierced my heart and made me wonder how often I’m not patient enough with my Aspie son when he doesn’t ‘get’ what I’m trying to tell him. Wonderful poem.

    • I am grateful when people are patient with me. I am articulate but often miss cues, I’m getting better at identifying sarcasm but sometimes still ask to be sure, phrases like “that’s what friends are for” and fake kindness are often mistaken as genuine. Hang in there. You sound like a good dad if you are trying to be patient. Patience helps me so much.

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