Services for Adults on the Spectrum

I have been actively seeking out occupational therapy and a therapist who specializes in ASD to help me improve my daily habits and coping skills in the workplace.

The responses I have been given for regular therapy:

•Sorry, we only treat kids/teens
•Sorry, we don’t have anyone who specializes in ASD
•We treat adults with ASD but do not take insurance

The responses I have been given regarding OT for adults with ASD:

•Sorry, we only treat children
•Sorry, we don’t treat ASD

Where are the services for adults with Aspergers? I need a weighted or pressure vest and probably a weighted blanket would help but I have no resources to get these or therapy that is geared towards ASD.

I am exhausted from calling dozens of places. Regular talk therapy doesn’t cut it…I’ve tried it for years…

Has Massachusetts forgotten that ASD children do in fact grow up to become adults?

I feel completely helpless.


About Gretchen Venters

I am 36 years old and I live in Montana. God has set my soul on fire to serve others through writing.
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10 Responses to Services for Adults on the Spectrum

  1. Joanna McKnight says:

    If it’s any consolation you are not alone. The UK is currently just as bad, though there is nationwide charity campaigning to change AS adult services in the UK. Seriously try making your own weighted lap pad or shoulder pad by putting rice in small bags and taping them all together. Or there are websites showing how to sew weighted blankets. It is worth saving up and investing in one if you can. I also now have a 5kg ‘weighted snakey’ Google it. Cheaper and very affective around ones neck :o)

  2. Joanna McKnight says:

    Also we are a ‘lost generation’ of people as Aspergers in adults is only just being recognised. Sensory difficulties are also only just being accepted as being part if some peoples ASD and high functioning individuals have, until recently, been left to get on with it.

    • It’s so sad, so very sad.

      It seems like a no brainer to me but then again I know other disorders have their own challenges.

      But why can’t pediatric OTs also treat adults with ASD? I don’t understand.

      • Joanna McKnight says:

        They probably could but at a guess they are not trained about ASD and thus don’t know about the issues they could help with. A lot of the sensory stuff is currently just academic and not catered for in practice with adults unless they have accompanying learning difficulties. Senseless I know …

      • From what I understand and know, OT’s have training to treat adults with ASD. However, the thing is treatments for adults can be quite different from kids. After all, there are lots of factors why it is different. One, needs between kids and adults in terms of what’s essential is different somewhat. This is something the OT in me has taught the autism self-advocate in me. Two, because of some of the needs are different, so the approaches and emphasis to treatment are also different. This is something I don’t think some self-advocates have understand yet. I am sure my OT friends can list more.

        That said, the OT me and the self-advocate me do agree that there are not as much services for adults w/ ASD than kids. It has been well documented. The thing is- how the OT profession can change that? I am sure my OT peers have some answers (as well as me) If it’s my answer, there needs to be more autistic adults to crack into the health professions AND be leaders in it. The earlier can be pretty hard already. The latter is even harder because autistic adults in these professions HAVE to know to play the game that NT’s play. That’s one of the best ways for us autistic adults can have a chance to have a voice in such professional communities.

  3. bsabian says:

    Have you contacted The Asperger’s Association of New England? Their web site is They’re a great source of information and have a really extensive list of resources they can point you to.

  4. chornung88 says:

    How frustrating! Weighted blankets are a great comfort to a lot of people – do you have a crafty friend who might be able to make one? It does seem like people appear to believe *poof* “you’re over 18, your autism is gone.” Best of luck to you.

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