Flash Blog: Autism is Not a Crime

Dear Autism Community,

Considering the recent sad tragedy and the false media stigma that seems to be rising up – I want to ask you to join me in doing a flash blog tomorrow using hashtag #Aspergers & #Autismisnotacrime so we can find each other’s posts.

Although I cannot host everyone’s blog posts on my page, if you email me your blog post I will tweet it out. (Authorleary @ gmail dot com)

I’ve never led one before but I feel compelled to help clarify this false stigma that the media has placed on our community.

Will you join me and write a blog post about the most positive way that ASD has affected you? Please post it tomorrow to show the world that this stigma is wrong and our community is nothing to be afraid of.

Gretchen Leary

About Gretchen McIntire (formerly Leary)

I am 34 years old, I live in the Raleigh area, and I am writing from the perspective of an individual with Asperger's Syndrome.
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17 Responses to Flash Blog: Autism is Not a Crime

  1. chels744 says:

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    Count me in.

  2. Orwell says:

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  3. Wow, short notice. I’ll see if anything comes out, but I usually can’t respond in fewer than two days unless I already had something on the burner and what’s on my burner right now is totally different. But maybe there’s something in there to surprise me, so I will try. Thanks for organizing this.

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  5. Patricia says:

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    Please share to break the stigma.

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  7. i’m so glad your doing this flashblog Gretchen. It is really needed. I have posted about it on Twitter and Pintrest. Just wish I had known about it sooner.

    • Hi Catherine, I’m just so glad people are participating. Any shares, posts, or tweets are helpful. I will be tweeting out posts that people send me until tomorrow PM to allow other to join in

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  11. alexforshaw says:

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    Another terrible mass murder. Another excuse for the lazier elements of the media to trot out the tired old cliché of autism causing somebody to go out and kill. Even if the diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome is accurate, correlation is not the same as causation.

    The causes in this case were probably complex and interwoven, but certain factors stand out. This young man felt tremendous pressure to conform to societal expectations of sexual activity. He had access to a firearm and ammunition that were not stored securely. He presumably had nobody to whom he felt able to talk about his problems.

    I’m not trying to paint him as a victim here; I do not condone his actions at all. I do think that society as a whole needs to take a closer look at his situation to understand what motivated this terrible act. I see it as a symptom of sickness in society that crimes such as this are committed.

  12. invisibleautistic/Robin says:

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    The crimes involving Elliot Dodger at UCSB and Adam Lanza are just the latest in a string of shootings. The common theme? News reporters are blaming their diagnosis of autism 100% with no leeway for other reasons.

    How long are we going to continue this fear-mongering?

    This isn’t the first time news reports blamed one single thing for a tragedy. Columbine High: the two shooters listened to Marilyn Manson and wore trenchcoats. Video games were blamed. Mental illness was blamed for the Virginia Tech massacre, and now autism is being blamed for the UCSB shootings.

    But you know what’s really the crime here?

    Bullying. Misogyny. Male privilege. The mindset that you can and should retaliate with violence when you don’t get what you want. The lack of support for people who need it. Our dysfunctional society.

    Autism is not a crime.
    But here’s what autism is:
    The ability to see and appreciate all the details in the world, from the individual leaves on the trees to the different notes in music and the threads that somehow come together to make a beautifully designed shirt.
    Another way of thinking and communicating even when you’re not talking out loud.
    A supportive and inclusive community. A safe space. A group of people who say, “Wow, I’ve done that! You?” “Me too!”
    Since finding out that I’m autistic, I’ve become calmer and more understanding of myself. I do my best with social rules but don’t dwell anymore on being awkward or socially isolated because I know my limits and what I need to work on. I don’t cave in to peer pressure as much as I used to when I know it’s not going to work for me in the end. Autism is a kind of confidence and acceptance that you’re going to have struggles in life but that’s okay because you can rely on routines to stay sane.
    Repeat it with me: autism is not a crime.

  13. Reblogged this on bunnyhopscotch and commented:
    The most positive way in which Autism Spectrum Condition (I do not like the term “Disorder”) has affected me? It has not affected me at all, it IS the way I function. It is a glorious way to be. I love the way my detail focused cognition and hypersenses give me insights into a different dimension. My life is all the fuller, my tapestries more textured, more full of different fragrances, sonically richer, so much more kaleidoscopic, and yes, even more empathic and flexible, because of my neurological function. Autism is Not a Crime!

  14. My NT husband had a really great comment: “This is just like blaming people for crimes because they are Black.” Being Black, being Autistic… have NOTHING to do with ANY crime…except – perhaps, and only very partially — insofar as these differences can situate their bearers in oppression, in rejection, in prejudice, in unbearable pain and poverty…Being Black, like being Autistic, does NOT cause crime — and it should not be a crime to be Black or Autistic. But it can sometimes feel like it is, right?
    So, with @bunnyhopscotch et al, I have to say for me having an Autism Spectrum Condition IS me, is my son – and we are two of the kindest, most honest people I know.
    THanks for the beautiful idea, Gretchen.

  15. I do not know anything about this topic so I won’t comment. I did spend 33 years as a high school teacher and do know that in learning disabilities are often not caught and diagnosed and many are diagnosed inappropriately giving them a badly skewed school career. They tend to hang on to “problem” kids to keep jobs. Thanks visit my blog.

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