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Just a Thought…

I think there are many people in this world that could do without reading at all…so what makes the rest of us readers so excited? Well, I can only speak for myself here. For me, it is the idea/concept that … Continue reading

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#InMyOpinionFlashBlog2014 #Autism #Aspergers

This is part of a Flash Blog initated by Erin Clemens When it comes to advocacy, I do at times struggle with wanting to lift others up while trying to make sure that I am clear that I can not … Continue reading

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Autism: From the Heart on August 16, 2014

Children’s book author of Really, Really Like Me and public speaker, Gretchen Leary, will be sharing pieces of her story from a first hand experience as an individual on the Autism Spectrum. She will be sharing her coping skills and what … Continue reading

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The Quiet Bear: Update

Hello everyone! So Melissa Saylor has officially finished the sketches for The Quiet Bear. For those who have contributed to this project, I am so incredibly grateful. The final sketch almost made me cry so I can only imagine what my … Continue reading

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