At the Tunnel’s End – A Poem

Un – ravel – ling
from an
fetal position

Legs — just barely
but weakly —
moving — unsteady
unsure of their
own condition

to stand again
Toes uncurl and
Fists — open — wide
as I open my eyes

& I crawl through
the darkest tunnel
Scraping knees
Bruised and bleeding

seeking light
seeking freedom
and the blue light I see
comforts me
at the tunnel’s end

a different world
an ocean — of wisdom
of choices —
of vastly – different

timidly leaning against
a tidal wave to stand
as it CRASHES down
upon me-

Sending me to depths
of self reflection
I’ve never seen —
Concepts and pages
I’ve never read —

Swimming against
this tide of searing pain
these waves are closing in
from all directions

beginning to kick —
to fight against the
seaweed that is wrapped
around my ankles

Wrists and I —
gasp — at the surface
Flailing – as I
breathe in again

blinking at the sun
that is slowly
rising before me

and warm sand sifts
through my toes
below — and I realize
That I’m — I’m – yes…
I am standing

This pain, this wisdom —
has it’s own heartbeat
& yet it also beats within me
and despite adversity
and it’s warfare
that never fights fair…

I know – that I will
conquer this ocean
that sits just
beyond the tunnel’s end


About Gretchen Venters

I am 36 years old and I live in Montana. God has set my soul on fire to serve others through writing.
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1 Response to At the Tunnel’s End – A Poem

  1. Logan says:

    Everything would not be possible if you had no senses in which to perceive. Imagine all the things you currently are unable to see, feel because you have never been exposed to them.
    Very in depth perspective of the world that is currently you.

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