Open Letter of Gratitude

The past couple of months have passed in a blur of sorts with my Christmas project and my move back to Massachusetts. A single mother of a special needs son who is also a friend of mine had shared that she couldn’t afford a Christmas tree or to really give her son a Christmas this year as a lot of her belongings were lost in a fire and my heart broke.

My mother was also a single mother and most of my readers know I have Autism Spectrum Disorder. For those who know special interests can work- there is quite an advantage to it at times. I felt inspired to act; to do something to give this young boy and his mother Christmas.

It began with dozens of phone calls to tree farms and florists all over the state of New York trying to find a place that would donate a tree. I was in tears when the local Home Depot stepped forward and donated a tree and decorations. But it didn’t stop there. I had made dozens of inquiries to companies all over New York and my email inbox started filling and my phone started ringing.

Words of kindness, donations to a GoFundMe fundraiser, and more gift offers came pouring in. I feel blessed and it wasn’t even for me! An enormous shout out to American Eagle, Miller’s Toys, The Home Depot, Mamaroneck Flowers, and Bloomingdales for what you’ve done for my friend. I cannot even express my gratitude in words.

Your kindness gives me hope back in humanity. 🎄♥️


Gretchen Leary


About Gretchen Venters

I am 36 years old and I live in Montana. God has set my soul on fire to serve others through writing.
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