Vellichor – A Poem

My hand slowly passes over

a thousand dimly lit titles

Calloused fingers lingering

& caressing

Soft and worn leather

and their engravings

like a long lost lover

Touching a million journeys

yet to begin learning

Pulling a chapter from a legend

Battle scars from adventures


About Gretchen Venters

I am 36 years old and I live in Montana. God has set my soul on fire to serve others through writing.
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7 Responses to Vellichor – A Poem

  1. Ain Starlingsson, forestbathing hermit says:

    Well that was very nice…just one lover or lovers? Really evocative and full of sensory feelings….meaning one can touch, smell, see this poem…

  2. Ingrid says:

    All of this and more awaits in every unopened book!

  3. fireblossom32 says:

    Another life in every book!

  4. Astrid says:

    Love this poem! I like your use of metaphor.

  5. Mish says:

    Oh this is an enchanting visual and you’ve given books the recognition they deserve.

  6. I love it, and nice to see you around again… I have written a lot about an old librarian, and I need to use the word vellichor for him

  7. sanaarizvi says:

    This is incredibly deep and sensual 💝💝

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