Luce Spezzata – A Poem

What could this mother say to

even touch the sorrow

of this loss?

Like sacred stone against satin-

Who better knows the heavy cost?

Like a luce spezzata,

An eternal love released //

At the foot of the cross.

His broken body

pressed against

her own broken heart // beat

This young woman who

carried the light of

the world in her womb,

Then she held that dimmed

light in her grieving hands,

like a million shattered stars-

with a hidden moon.

She sees a world too lost

in deepening darkness

to comprehend-

the weight on her shoulders,

or even try to understand-

The very essence of Mary

softening the world’s grief-

As the earth spun on its axis-

And His light

splintered // crashing //

into our night sky

come un coro di angeli.



I wrote this while reflecting on Michelangelo’s Pieta.


About Gretchen Venters

I am 36 years old and I live in Montana. God has set my soul on fire to serve others through writing.
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