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About Gretchen Venters

I am 36 years old and I live in Montana. God has set my soul on fire to serve others through writing.

What Magic 🤍 – A Poem

What magical softness I find in your arms,What comfort I find-when you whisper (my name)What brilliant love I findgrowing in my gardens,My dreams // My darlingwill never be the same.

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Train Tracks in Winter – A Poem

Have you ever heard a fire roar like thunder? Almost like a loud hiss As steel // tracks // stutter // kiss Down rails of wonder Down trails of time you might not want to remember Like fire on ice, … Continue reading

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Luce Spezzata – A Poem

What could this mother say to even touch the sorrow of this loss? Like sacred stone against satin- Who better knows the heavy cost? Like a luce spezzata, An eternal love released // At the foot of the cross. His … Continue reading

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Cold Snap- A Poem

Have you heard the river’s heartbeat?It’s nearly a melody,No! Perhaps it’s a symphony.It pulls at all the heartstrings this time of year,It slows down It sleepily strolls down the frozen riverbed,Winter’s caught in a cold snap-(Wait! Did you hear that?)As … Continue reading

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Winter’s River – A Poem

Snow caps on waves,wrap me in a frozen wreathlike young Moses-As I flow down Winter’s river,The cold sends ripples almost like dimples but in a frown,As I slow // down at thebanks of December,Like a frozen blanket statement- bumping into … Continue reading

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To Dance – A Poem

My friend, is this a dance? I can feel my soul moving- to a rhythm I’ve never felt before, I’m so thankful for your hands, Not just to hold // them in mine No // more to watch them st-re-tch … Continue reading

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Garden of Stars – A Poem

See my gentle Father, The Shepherd of our hearts carefully, slowly tilling an endless garden of stars- in thick frosty midnight soil to light the narrow path with glittering lanterns of bright burning oil, To guide the flocks of the … Continue reading

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Vinyl & Blue

Chewing on consciousness by a roaring fire, with a hearth of hope to catch stray embers of light, & yearning for old soul inner peace, Wrapping my inner child in the softest blankets- Blankets and pillows woven of fluffy hope, … Continue reading

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Vellichor – A Poem

My hand slowly passes over a thousand dimly lit titles Calloused fingers lingering & caressing Soft and worn leather and their engravings like a long lost lover Touching a million journeys yet to begin learning Pulling a chapter from a … Continue reading

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Like Fireflies & Rain #Poetry

I can still see you resting in the water beside me. Your contagious laughter rippled in the water, That nose of yours crinkled & your eyes twinkled, Like the fireflies that danced about- as dusk tucked in around us- Like … Continue reading

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