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About Gretchen Leary

I am 30 years old, I live in the Boston area, and I am writing from the perspective of an individual with Asperger's Syndrome.

Her – A Poem

Beneath the grit/ you saw it, but you didn’t feel the need to polish. You handed me a dirty rag and grunted like you always did in moments like this. You asked me what I saw- I saw something rather … Continue reading

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Always Evolving

I’ve always kept things pretty raw on here. Tonight is no exception. I have my reasons for sharing some of what I do.  I suppose I truly am a student of life. I had had to adapt so many times … Continue reading

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Fairy Tale #Poetry

My half frozen pale fingers wrapping around a warm familiar mug, I let your words crackle and hiss warming my soul a bit much like a long awaited hug- “Falling in love” you had said with that sort of twinkle … Continue reading

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Old Soul #Poetry

You’ve got that old soul look in your eyes As I move over- lean in closer- and lay my head  on your shoulder You’re reading Psalms 23  to me so very softly in the pale morning light- my heart basking … Continue reading

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Firelight #Poetry

Your verse dances like a melody played by firelight  and warms my hearth inside, Brilliant like the million bits of stardust in your eyes. after a decade of endless dreams tonight.

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How Shallow? #Autism #Friendships

One thing people have consistently said about my writing here has been that I am pretty raw. I don’t see much value in shallow interactions. My appreciation for emotional depth is a big part of how friendships work with me. … Continue reading

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Aquiver – #Poetry

You are like that first breath in as the frost of Autumn begins Your voice sends me aquiver, It plays on sleeping heart strings- My existence feels raw in your company, like our memories were just stepping stones and you … Continue reading

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