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The Carpenter #Poetry

Dedicated to my friend M. Like Father, like son he’s up before dawn, Saw dust dances & glitters like gold in the early morning sun, Tired old hands carving moving – ever – so – slowly along those curves, He … Continue reading

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It’s Time

The warmth of my hands cradles your anger much the same way the summer days mellow the ice cubes that clink in your glass of lemonade, Much the same way that a mother rocks her child whose crying fades as … Continue reading

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You Belong – A Poem

Artwork by Catrin Welz-Stein . Written for prompt at DversePoets. You are home in mind & heart, You belong – just as you are. Betwixt this business between the nostalgic magic of sleeping sunbeams and the reality of a million … Continue reading

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So Let Me – #Poetry

I am a jig saw puzzle, Don’t you dare judge what looks like a missing piece- I’ve paid for that scar in full. & I’m not aiming to please, Do not mock my struggle- I am not broken at all, … Continue reading

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Looking Glass – A Poem

Written for dVersePoet’s Mirror Prompt Have we met before? In what century did we meet? Why is your heart beat/ing- b A c K w A r D s on your tattered sleeve? Where is the light switch in here? … Continue reading

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The View from Rock Bottom

Over the last several years, I have seen a lot of loss. Often times, when a news outlet would cover my story I would hide all reasons to frown and focus on all of the wonderful things that were happening … Continue reading

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Exposed – A Poem

Like a black and white photo so overly exposed, my soul unfolds before you not unlike a rose – caught at just the right angle, These high heels dangle and drop and your doubtful words stu//tter to – a – … Continue reading

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