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Classic #Poetry

There are no words, Just a heavy intake of air, I guess I wasn’t quite prepared… Every moment with you written in my heartbeat, and has been etched forever there. There are no words. Just gratitude- Just simplicity. I feel … Continue reading

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Lit #Poetry

Your presence feels like a cool breeze to me yet- You lit my soul on fire the very moment our eyes met. Your words are my ocean – the salt of them stings but it’s clear that they bring healing … Continue reading

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Labyrinth #Poetry

A spiral of knowledge and labyrinth of tiny epiphanies and truths, Small stepping stones of faith of every single hue, This is a pilgrimage and yet the journey for each of us is extraordinarily different, Your bare feet shifting through … Continue reading

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Looking Glass – A Poem

Written for dVersePoet’s Mirror Prompt Have we met before? In what century did we meet? Why is your heart beat/ing- b A c K w A r D s on your tattered sleeve? Where is the light switch in here? … Continue reading

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Exposed – A Poem

Like a black and white photo so overly exposed, my soul unfolds before you not unlike a rose – caught at just the right angle, These high heels dangle and drop and your doubtful words stu//tter to – a – … Continue reading

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Notebook #Poetry

A yellowed note that I once wrote to you- fell from an old dusty notebook, I didn’t even have to look to know the truth, & with no date to tie it to my past, the irony is strange Maybe … Continue reading

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Beneath #Poetry

Digging my toes in, I let the ocean tug at me & then I began walking towards the horizon, the water swirling, Tug – tugging me deep & effortlessly dancing & my mind silently reciting Psalm twenty three I let … Continue reading

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Heartbeat #Poetry

My heartbeat looks like firelight Fierce and hot Burning brightly to the tempo of a Summer’s night. * In response to a prompt by dVersePoets

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Aquiver – #Poetry

You are like that first breath in as the frost of Autumn begins Your voice sends me aquiver, It plays on sleeping heart strings- My existence feels raw in your company, like our memories were just stepping stones and you … Continue reading

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Pieces- A Poem #Poetry

Sitting silently hugging my knees You had joined the Army; I lived so far away, & everything had changed Soft grey words were spoken like the calm before the storm;  then, like loud clouds, crashing Suddenly I was facing you; … Continue reading

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