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Beneath #Poetry

Digging my toes in, I let the ocean tug at me & then I began walking towards the horizon, the water swirling, Tug – tugging me deep & effortlessly dancing & my mind silently reciting Psalm twenty three I let … Continue reading

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Compassion #Poetry

Let me close my eyes, while you lean over the railing- to kiss my head// My cheek, Don’t let go of my hand, my heart – please, The heart monitor is beeping again  my temperature climbing & the IV is … Continue reading

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Long Talks & Tea

For J. When twilight begins to fade and it’s been another one of “those” days, There is a sense of peace to be in your company. A dash of laughter & a warm mug of tea (And let’s be real- … Continue reading

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Heartbeat #Poetry

My heartbeat looks like firelight Fierce and hot Burning brightly to the tempo of a Summer’s night. * In response to a prompt by dVersePoets

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Smoking Gun #Poetry

For about the millionth time, I prayed again for a sign- and found your street. (Literally) However, it guided not you but me and as a part of a journey, Yet still- I was walking blindly. The time on your … Continue reading

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Her – A Poem

Beneath the grit/ you saw it, but you didn’t feel the need to polish. You handed me a dirty rag and grunted like you always did in moments like this. You asked me what I saw- I saw something rather … Continue reading

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Always Evolving

I’ve always kept things pretty raw on here. Tonight is no exception. I have my reasons for sharing some of what I do.  I suppose I truly am a student of life. I had had to adapt so many times … Continue reading

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