Like Honey #Poetry

I see passion in your eyes,

glimmering like golden honey,

Lit like lava // simmering-

in between the cracks of

the unforgiving mountains

that made you who you are,

Learning to make more

humble decisions-

Healing decades

of tired muscles locked //

in the fetal position-

Smoothing rigid scars-

to discover your truth,

Learning to listen within-

to the waking masterpiece

who has risen … that is you.

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Finding Quiet #Poetry

Turquoise liquid finger tips

Tug the tide homeward,

Tipping this fragile balance –

As the sky’s fire falls to slumber,

The stars are waking-

And the hands that

see the greatest depths,

Woven of algae and wisdom-

Paint the stillness of peace.

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Blue Light #Poetry

Her waves rise & fall

like the ocean-

a dim blue light

glowing in the distance

and a violin is playing,

I can’t hear my own thoughts.

but I hear what she’s saying

This melody sounds

oddly familiar-

Because it sounds

like my own song,

Like an echo of laughter

the mood is lifted,

and the blue light is forgiven,

Like my past – like my present,

and yet these crests crash

into my mind again-

Her waves rise & fall

like the ocean,

Offering a greater understanding

of my own reflection,

Of false expectations –

Of how this pain I carry

is but a single drop in

this epiphany –

As a brand new notion

washes over me,

& her waves rise & fall

like the ocean.

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Inner Child #Poetry

Soft moonlight

casts a pale glow

across her small face-

She now knows.

She is breathing deeply

& that ripple of a memory

of another time and place

flows through me.

Her calm isn’t because

of any rescuer,

Stronger than a mountain

and steady like a river-

I know her well-






Her newfound peace

is as light as air //

& her hero was me.

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No Longer #Poetry

The weight of heartache

sits with me tonight

Like a shadow

I wish I didn’t know,

and though it feels like my

glass has been

empty for days-

I still know-

I can be happy,

And so that’s what

I’ll choose to be.

But first I am going to let

this storm pass –

not even sadness lasts-

I’ll let these

watercolor tears


free – ly \\

until they can no longer be.

Until my story

no longer bleeds-

the colors of memories

I will keep forever with me,

I’ll lean into this breeze,

and I will do my best

to remember…

Just to breathe.

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Good Friday #RememberThis

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Classic #Poetry

There are no words,

Just a heavy intake of air,

I guess I wasn’t quite prepared…

Every moment with you

written in my heartbeat,

and has been

etched forever there.

There are no words.

Just gratitude-

Just simplicity.

I feel overwhelmed with emotion-

After so much and so many years of the stinging salt of sadness,

I’m free // of the shackles-

I’m finally here

I may look like a mess

but I am healing-

& to have a downpour of laughter-

You’re so good at that &

Yes- that’s my soul needs-

Yes- that’s what I’m after,

The black and white era of my life has stuttered to a stop-

This kaleidoscope of Spring

has birthed colors I’ve never witnessed-

So many dramatic facets-

And yet – these memories are classic,

Here’s to a new year of growing.

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