Exposed – A Poem

Like a black and white photo

so overly exposed,

my soul unfolds before you

not unlike a rose –

caught at just the right angle,

These high heels dangle and drop

and your doubtful words

stu//tter to – a – stop

Then… silence //

as they clatter to the floor-

Opening a trap door-

but it’s far too late to escape this dance,

I can only hide behind my ever tumbling hair

and delicate hands.

Your unending stare flatters

like an old fashioned romance,

But my broken pieces are like stars –

Their blinding light ricocheting

from my multitude of scars,

But you’ve surely seen enough,

My bewildered emerald eyes-

are the lantern to see all of my love,

Your metaphorical shutter moves and dances //

again and again

Capturing every single inch of me,

As my only armor begins to slip –

and falls like a sheet of black satin.

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True Courage

Something I wrote almost two years ago to the day on another site and wanted it on here as well:

January 9, 2016

In the past week I have learned on a much deeper level that true courage doesn’t look “tough”. Courage isn’t anger or fear but the ability to be vulnerable despite those qualities. We so often look for people in our lives that will protect our hearts and find that the people we think care the most actually spend most of their time holding up walls around their hearts instead because “toughness” and the “I don’t need anyone” attitude is just a facade to hide their fear.

What does real courage look like? The absence of judgement of others, the ability to take responsibility for their own actions and not blame others, the absence of playing the victim, the ability to apologize and forgive and recognizing that it is a choice and not a fluffy feeling from Hallmark, and the willingness to be humble when we need to be.

That is what I want in my life. Don’t you?

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Ireland 2017

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Tis The Season

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My Autumn #Poetry

Our talk at that

turquoise table

has forever

changed me,

Autumn leaves

fading into shadows,

Dusk to night

still rustling in the breeze-

and you listened,

Held me close

While I was crying-

But more importantly

My friend –

you heard me.

That’s before you got

me laughing,

That moment

shook me…

I guess that’s what

happens when

two old souls meet.

But like the season-

my being itself

was shedding,

My emotions

like these leaves

seemed to be on fire,

You sparked something

back to life within me

that had been sleeping,

Like a wise old owl,

you just knew…

My friend,

You challenged me

& tilted my mind’s eye

as though it was a telescope,

Back to the stars,

where Hope lives-

where Grace knows

& Love always does.

You called out &

looked for that belt of his,

as you pointed excitedly

to the heavens

And I took

a – long – deep – breath – in

& grounded my depths,

my thoughts &

my trust in His plan

to my growing roots,

As my own Autumn began.

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Notebook #Poetry

A yellowed note

that I once wrote to you-

fell from an

old dusty notebook,

I didn’t even have to look

to know the truth,

& with no date

to tie it to my past,

the irony is strange

Maybe nothing

ever lasts forever-

But clearly…

some things never change.

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