Loss #Poetry

When a star falls,


& twinkling

down from

the night sky

and drowns

in the


that pours

like old rivers-

from my tired eyes

I will always think of you.

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Healing #Poetry

I traveled down old roads

that used to lead to home,

Along this old & new journey

I discovered that the path

I was seeking was not a place

outside myself- but instead,

A space already within me –

I was seeking peace

& I remembered to breathe.

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Lavender Lemonade #Poetry

This old white porch swing

rocks and creaks-

cradling this moment –

locking the memory

like an old photograph,

Our bare feet side by side

dangling and touching-

Your smile makes

my heart squeeze-

as you lean back and laugh

The melody of it all spilling


a million



into the breeze tonight

in this cooling deep

purple summer air,

I lean in just a little closer &

lay against your shoulder,

Just so glad to be home,

Just so glad that you’re there,

As melting ice cubes clink

in two frosted glasses of

lavender lemonade,

This love we share

is the kind that’s deep-

The kind that lasts-

The kind that stays-

It’s like the sweetest prayer answered

& inner peace,

That seems

to have all

started from

a spark within

& I’ll keep on praying that

this will one day be

more than a daydream.

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Forty Three #Autism

Hi all,

It’s forty three days and counting until I leave for Manila but I am struggling to reach my goal to pay for the trip. I generally keep my fundraising separate but I feel so fired up about this trip and so passionate that I’m going to share this here as well. If you could re-blog or spare a few dollars to help me along my way it would truly mean the world to me. I wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t for a great reason. Haha. You all know how passionate I am. Here is the link to to GoFundMe: Click here

To those who reblog this, share on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook or donate a few dollars know that I am thankful beyond measure. ♥️

The countdown continues!!

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Slingshot #Poetry

Words thrown

like a decades old

emotional Goliath-

I know my worth

I can stand on my own.

You lit an inner fire,

& what was meant

to tear me down

has only inspired me

to continue to grow

I think you should know

My slingshot was aimed

at an angry sun-

who had forgotten The Son,

Who blindly thought

that anger wasn’t empty –

who forgot that this

War has long ago been won-

Yes he missed his mark,

Time and time again-

because Love never fails

and anger pales against

the coolness of patience.

As I waited with kindness

in the shade of that tree

We laid beneath- before I knew

& yet I still forgive you

for absolutely everything,

because that is my strength,

I am the strongest woman

you’ll probably ever meet,

Do not confuse my endless gentleness

for some kind of weakness-

Do not confuse my

refusal to kneel to

your demeaning level

as an inability to rise.

I can see goodness

in you-

despite your lies-

Despite the anger

you wear as your armor,

Drop the sword of pride

NO! – You have missed

your mark-

Time and time again –

in the very definition of

what it means to be a friend –

& I think you should know…

My slingshot has only

ever been filled with hope-

With only the aim –

That you would surrender

your pain just once,

That you would

let those walls fall,

& finally open your eyes-

Like His love has opened mine.

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Manila #Autism #MahalKita

Hey all,

Where do I begin? Over the last few years I have been working towards a dream of returning to my roots. I was born in Manila in 1986 and, although it I didn’t live there for very long, it left such a hand print on my heart.

In 2013/2014 before my divorce, I decided I wanted to do something special for children with Autism in Manila after making a connection to a non profit organization there. But it wasn’t the right time. I didn’t see why and I felt so sad that it didn’t happen then.

But everything happens for a reason. The fire of that dream was reignited last year but it still was not yet the right time and now I know why. I’ve been doing a lot of meditations lately and a lot of old memories have come to me and I suddenly knew I needed to reconnect with someone special from my past.

I was shocked when I found the woman who took care of me as a baby in Olongapo City. It felt like a dream and something old and broken began to heal. That’s a long story. I haven’t decided how much of it I want to share here just yet.

But I am now preparing to travel to Manila on August 20th-30th (minus travel time and it’s a long journey) I will now be able to do the volunteer work with the children I have wanted to meet and finally sit on the beach I sat on as a baby every morning for months. I can’t even begin to express how transformative this trip is going to be. I know because I can feel my heart already healing. I hope that my efforts with the children will be remembered. I know I will never forget this journey.

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Shattered #Poetry

Like slow motion

I watch the crimson color


it falls-


like a


radiant rubies

on an uneven sidewalk,

Its echo- a heavy heartbeat-

that can be felt for miles

stilling the song of birds

for a moment of silence

& one of solidarity-

Although I prepare to walk alone.

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Like Sea Glass #Poetry

Dark like the depths

of the unknown

Rocking to the rhythm

of a long lost lullaby

an incoming memory

washed in with the tide

and I held it and turned

it like brilliant

bits and fragments

of sky blue and turquoise

sea glass in my mind

before my heart

even remembered

her voice,

how she hummed like

an angel on a breeze

and the songs

that she once sang to me

All at once the wicker crackled

& the carrier rocked

Her bare feet

half sunken – sifted

and the horizon

Tilted slowly as though

the hands of time

has forever shifted-

And the pale waves

rolled on and rose higher

as if to greet us once again

As we knelt down to meet the dawn.

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Like Honey #Poetry

I see passion in your eyes,

glimmering like golden honey,

Lit like lava // simmering-

in between the cracks of

the unforgiving mountains

that made you who you are,

Learning to make more

humble decisions-

Healing decades

of tired muscles locked //

in the fetal position-

Smoothing rigid scars-

to discover your truth,

Learning to listen within-

to the waking masterpiece

who has risen … that is you.

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Finding Quiet #Poetry

Turquoise liquid finger tips

Tug the tide homeward,

Tipping this fragile balance –

As the sky’s fire falls to slumber,

The stars are waking-

And the hands that

see the greatest depths,

Woven of algae and wisdom-

Paint the stillness of peace.

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