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Heartbeat – A Poem

I begin breathing in quickly staggered, shallow Broken thoughts wither and billow Exhaling stale air racing pulse now, slows I pray without sound I breathe in with hope The air seems softer now slower steady heartbeat Unraveling doubts Dreams are … Continue reading

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Turquoise – A Poem

For dVersePoets: Poetics Slowly I slip my two pale city-tone feet into a blanket of warm white sand As I close my eyes to listen to the sounds of the crystal ocean I open just one eye to see the … Continue reading

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Surrender – A Poem

Submitted to dVersePoets: Poetics Like a cool hand against a warm cheek A gentle breeze swirls & dances between soft gold rays that stream down through powder clouds as I lean against an old oak & breathe out Tired toes … Continue reading

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Nothingness – A Poem

Nothingness – A Poem (about peace) Eyes unfocused I hear the night– but cannot see. Led by blurry twinkle lights I stumble into Worn in slippers And an itchy Woolen peacoat I grind my teeth – At the deafening screech … Continue reading

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