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The Moral of the Story

Sometimes it takes me wearing someone else’s shoes to appreciate their side of the story. Actually, it happens more often than not. It seems appropriate to be writing this post on my birthday as it marks a new beginning for … Continue reading

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Rewritten – A Poem

Restless thoughts spin out like a thousand tops With neatly crossed “t”s & dotted eyes Written to pacify My crowded mind & nothing to stop them but the wise hands of time And the dream Gretchen Leary 2013

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Learning to Listen

Balance in conversation is an odd thing. I often find myself somewhere in between two extremes: 1) “No one cares, so I’ll just keep to myself” and the tension builds, and it builds, and my sensory issues go into overdrive … Continue reading

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Mockingbird – A Poem

Throwing RED thoughts of mockingbird verse Small scripted splashes of practiced, pretty words There are still moments, When my voice falls frozen Stumbling, jumbled Mere mutterings Scribbled little theories of cold, crumpled BLUE Sometimes loud letters stuttered in primary colors … Continue reading


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Maestro – A Poem

Introduction: This was written while listening to Lindsey Stirling’s “Phantom of the Opera Medley” and while processing what verbal communication feels like for me, as an individual on the Autism Spectrum when I am feeling overwhelmed and cannot communicate. Molding … Continue reading

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Excuse Me?

When you go to a new place where they speak a different language, do you feel confident when you communicate or do you constantly hesitate before assuming you understand what is being said to you and what you plan to … Continue reading

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