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Silver & Gold – A Poem

For dVersePoets: Poetics The red-faced blues lost in a labyrinth of golden verbs & social cues Like blocks of gems in a spectrum of cookie cutter letters that don’t spell words lost in a “know-it-all, don’t you?” – universe Your … Continue reading

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Unspoken – A Poem

For dVersePoets: MTB What I offer as a whisper is often mistaken as song So I’ll sing you a story of a girl who lost her / way and stumbled along that golden road to find the spectrum light of … Continue reading

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The Choice – A Poem

For dVersePoets: On the topic of “Irony” How many ways can you say the same name? Living like it’s Groundhog Day with a double-twist of poetic irony- How many hits can my face take Turning the proverbial cheek before I … Continue reading

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Against The Tide – A Sonnet

For dVersePoets: Form For All– A Sonnet. This a form I don’t believe I have ever attempted before. There is significance in the fact that the word “his” is not capitalized in the second stanza. I did “cheat” once but … Continue reading

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Envy – A Poem

For dVersePoets: Poetics Envy tastes like Bitter paste Spite gRiNdiNg Behind tight Clenched – White teeth & Green eyes Take – your – finger – tip From – my – lower – lip For when you lie, I bite. Gretchen … Continue reading

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Four Corners – A Poem

Introduction: This was written for dVersePoets‘ Poetics which I am proudly co-hosting today with the amazing Brian Miller. Join us this afternoon when the pub doors open. There are two prompts today! For my nostalgic musical inspiration, this was written … Continue reading

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A Pocket of Pennies – A Poem

Central Park packed Winding paths lined With grey gritty snow Morning dressed In black lined coats And leather briefcases Bustle about in a rush To get someplace – Ten minutes ago Thick chain gold Watches glanced at – Synchronized chaos … Continue reading

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