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Labyrinth #Poetry

A spiral of knowledge and labyrinth of tiny epiphanies and truths, Small stepping stones of faith of every single hue, This is a pilgrimage and yet the journey for each of us is extraordinarily different, Your bare feet shifting through … Continue reading

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Trust Issues

I have even told before that I “fear fear itself” and tonight it’s got me thinking. If I fear something and I let it take hold, what does this say for my faith and trust in God? I have a … Continue reading

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Crossroads – A Poem

A lonely wanderer stumbles down a seemingly endless dark dirt road Approaching what seems to be the old proverbial crossroads Straight ahead is barren with tattered houses like a ghost town The street name is backwards and impossible to pronounce … Continue reading

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Homeless Angels – A Poem

Introduction: The art piece above is by Christine Leary (onceinabluesun.com) This poem was written and inspired by the song “Homeless” by Paul Simon with Ladysmith Black Mambazo. Please be sure to listen to the song before or while reading this … Continue reading


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The Box – A Poem & Dedication

Introduction: This poem was inspired by and written while listening to “Catch My Breath” by Kelly Clarkson. I encourage you to listen to the song before or while you read this to fully understand the meaning behind my own words. … Continue reading

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