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Forget Me Not #Poetry

For K. Shattered prisms crashing down on black and white keys To a symphony of broken chords and heartbeats. You were my music and now I can barely breathe. You were a breeze before a storm Just like this that … Continue reading

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Awakening – A Poem

An eager seed Wrapped snugly In hope / it wiggles & crawls / through tight dirt, growing Stre-tch-ing Pale green roots a warm awakening As soft light sinks through small Cracks in the Dew soft earth A peaceful feeling Unwrapping … Continue reading

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Our Hearth – A Poem

Shy fireflies ignite- two hearts Our hands they dance to light our hearth Gretchen Leary 2013

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Tomorrow – A Poem

My shadow is silent As she paints and Ponders the quiet She grasps at tiny Thoughts like a Harsh hail storm of Cold, cluttered ruins Of her yesterdays She spins and Sputters these Webs of words One step forward Forever … Continue reading

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The Unknowable – A Poem

For dVersePoet’s Meeting the Bar What lies beneath Hollow words? Dig deep down Into the pockets of Your imagination- If you just choose To listen, before You lift that pen Of yours again Just, look around you For a moment … Continue reading

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Silver Spooned – A Poem

Like a lost pearl That jaded girl, She tumbles Down, an endless Braid of faded gold Soundlessly Spinning, into Old, smooth Cold grooves- In her over-used Silver spoon and Wiser-than-thou-art hand

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Black Ice – A Poem

Introduction: This was written while listening to Lindsey Stirling’s “Crystallize”. What an amazing piece. Truly inspiring. Dragging fire Ever so slowly Etching ice– I write with glowing Golden embers In careful scrapes And figure eights Smoother now Becoming script And … Continue reading

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