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Art Is #Poetry

For H. The night sky woke up all the stars- like our own corner of my grandfather’s American flag, As the vast cornfield glowed softly just quietly content on growin’ as the air stuck to our faces like a wet … Continue reading

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The Snow #Poetry

This poem was written while listening to the Prelude to Ave Maria by J.S. Bach. The snow; it falls so softly, Like the tender notes of Winter- I stand watching a symphony, of gusts of swirling glitter- Like ice forming; … Continue reading

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Labyrinth #Poetry

A spiral of knowledge and labyrinth of tiny epiphanies and truths, Small stepping stones of faith of every single hue, This is a pilgrimage and yet the journey for each of us is extraordinarily different, Your bare feet shifting through … Continue reading

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Looking Glass – A Poem

Written for dVersePoet’s Mirror Prompt Have we met before? In what century did we meet? Why is your heart beat/ing- b A c K w A r D s on your tattered sleeve? Where is the light switch in here? … Continue reading

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Exposed – A Poem

Like a black and white photo so overly exposed, my soul unfolds before you not unlike a rose – caught at just the right angle, These high heels dangle and drop and your doubtful words stu//tter to – a – … Continue reading

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Ganymede – A Poem

The pavement rough beneath my knees  I adjust the lens again & gaze back up above at  a glittering night sky these  sleeping  eyes  awaken I wonder why I wonder how I wonder when Thoughts lost in a tidal locking … Continue reading

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Lights Out – A Poem

Just processing a very old memory tonight. Written while listening to “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan which was the song I was humming that night. Fluorescent lights blink out & I can hear the thunder now As I slowly slide back … Continue reading

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Kaleidoscope – A Poem #Poetry #Writing

This stubborn pen in hand might as well be broken For whose crossed eyes can see the indescribable beauty that sits so delicately on the very tip of their nose? The challenge of writing when happy knows no boundaries and … Continue reading

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Frozen – A Poem

There is no way to say the word heartache without underestimating its unmeasurable strength the sadness like frozen rain that trickles, little drips, then slick sheets like an unkempt waterfall I sit and let it wash away the burning pain … Continue reading

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Heartbeat – A Poem

I begin breathing in quickly staggered, shallow Broken thoughts wither and billow Exhaling stale air racing pulse now, slows I pray without sound I breathe in with hope The air seems softer now slower steady heartbeat Unraveling doubts Dreams are … Continue reading

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