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Summer Rain #Poetry

I remember the moment that the generator stopped humming. Like a catch in Summer’s hot breath, I could hear the storm crawling across the skies to pour life into the parched Earth. Scratching its way to my world while leaving … Continue reading

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Frozen – A Poem

There is no way to say the word heartache without underestimating its unmeasurable strength the sadness like frozen rain that trickles, little drips, then slick sheets like an unkempt waterfall I sit and let it wash away the burning pain … Continue reading

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Radici di Vetro – A Poem

Long pale piano fingers stroke and linger in the seaside sand Unsure of what roots she could possibly find or plant in such a place As an icy breeze brushes her face taken by surprise she opens her eyes, and … Continue reading

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Pools of Light – A Poem

Her tears drop & pool in every shade of light painting a pale dry pavement Each prism a priceless story encased in heart shaped diamonds Reminding those who refused to close their tattered black umbrellas- That vulnerability is an art … Continue reading

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Goodnight – A Poem

For Devin. Written while listening to Epiphany by Staind. I would encourage you to listen to the song while reading this. My fingers are trembling As I write by the light Of a clouded moon tonight The resounding sound Of … Continue reading

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Summer Rain – A Poem

Tiny drops of stormy skies Fall fast against my windowsill A small smile falls into place My fingers dance along The chipped wood and paint As though a piano My mind lost in the melody And the rhythm of a … Continue reading

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