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Art Is #Poetry

The night sky woke up all the stars- like our own corner of my grandfather’s American flag, As the vast cornfield glowed softly just quietly content on growin’ as the air stuck to our faces like a wet dishrag we … Continue reading

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Self Respect

I have done a lot of learning and growing recently. So much that I haven’t had time or the energy to write never mind try to find the words to share them here. Some are far too personal to share. … Continue reading

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Our Hearth – A Poem

Shy fireflies ignite- two hearts Our hands they dance to light our hearth Gretchen Leary 2013

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Our December – A Poem

Precious black and white memories framed in rainbows of laughter, Your smile measures in chords Your colors surround me. Spring’s joy in your eye while Winter’s snowflakes tickle our cheeks with shivers of kisses, And your heart sings lullabies to … Continue reading

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Holiday Air – A Poem

As dusk falls I dance From light post to light post On the tips of my toes Down this cold cobblestone road I pass tiny shops in slumber And find that the lonely peddlers Have all gone home My heart … Continue reading

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Silhouettes – A Poem

Introduction: This was inspired by and written while listening to Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata”. As he sits at His piano tonight The room aglow By candlelight His mind is flooded With memories As his tired hands Begin to play an Old … Continue reading

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