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Radici di Vetro – A Poem

Long pale piano fingers stroke and linger in the seaside sand Unsure of what roots she could possibly find or plant in such a place As an icy breeze brushes her face taken by surprise she opens her eyes, and … Continue reading

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Violet – A Poem

Counting the seconds like an angry heartbeat of a late summer storm One / breathe Crackling ribbons of violent violet strike down Closer than close to home Rain falling in sheets Two // Breathe / Three Warm blankets wrapped tightly … Continue reading

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Stormy Weather

When a storm is coming, I can feel it. I’m not talking about ESP. What I mean is that my anxiety and sensory issues go into overdrive. Maybe its the barometric pressure. My ears throb, my head hurts, my body … Continue reading

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Against The Tide – A Sonnet

For dVersePoets: Form For All– A Sonnet. This a form I don’t believe I have ever attempted before. There is significance in the fact that the word “his” is not capitalized in the second stanza. I did “cheat” once but … Continue reading

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Goodnight – A Poem

For Devin. Written while listening to Epiphany by Staind. I would encourage you to listen to the song while reading this. My fingers are trembling As I write by the light Of a clouded moon tonight The resounding sound Of … Continue reading

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Summer Rain – A Poem

Tiny drops of stormy skies Fall fast against my windowsill A small smile falls into place My fingers dance along The chipped wood and paint As though a piano My mind lost in the melody And the rhythm of a … Continue reading

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