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Summer Rain #Poetry

I remember the moment that the generator stopped humming. Like a catch in Summer’s hot breath, I could hear the storm crawling across the skies to pour life into the parched Earth. Scratching its way to my world while leaving … Continue reading

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Is it Christmas Yet?

It’s hard to think when it’s so hot, never mind write. My brain needs to relax. I feel like I’ve been so overheated this week that I haven’t really been thinking much, just functioning on empty. I have some updates … Continue reading

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Firefly – A Poem

I lie flat on my back On this weathered raft As my long hair spills Down around me Tangled with leaves Blown and tossed Into the crisp night breeze As the tips slip into The shattered black glass That flows … Continue reading

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Words of Affirmation – A Short Story

“Let this day change your life” was the first thought that ran through my mind as I slowly opened my eyes that morning. I closed my eyes again trying to adjust to the light pouring in through the windows. I … Continue reading

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Summer Rain – A Poem

Tiny drops of stormy skies Fall fast against my windowsill A small smile falls into place My fingers dance along The chipped wood and paint As though a piano My mind lost in the melody And the rhythm of a … Continue reading

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