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Violet – A Poem

Counting the seconds like an angry heartbeat of a late summer storm One / breathe Crackling ribbons of violent violet strike down Closer than close to home Rain falling in sheets Two // Breathe / Three Warm blankets wrapped tightly … Continue reading

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Small Talk – A Poem

New-old strangers side by side Recanting their yesterday Reciting weathered words like An un-tethered calloused verse In the dullest shade of gray Gretchen Leary 2013

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Summer Rain – A Poem

Tiny drops of stormy skies Fall fast against my windowsill A small smile falls into place My fingers dance along The chipped wood and paint As though a piano My mind lost in the melody And the rhythm of a … Continue reading

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Beyond The Storm

Dark clouds loom before me. I bow my head to keep me warm- And hold on tight to the light within me, To see beyond the storm. Written by Gretchen Leary 2012 http://www.gretchenleary.com

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