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Kaleidoscope – A Poem #Poetry #Writing

This stubborn pen in hand might as well be broken For whose crossed eyes can see the indescribable beauty that sits so delicately on the very tip of their nose? The challenge of writing when happy knows no boundaries and … Continue reading

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Whomever – A Poem

Whatever you think – stop What you doubt – don’t Whomever we shall be has already been written on stabs of sacred stone Believe in miracles – yes Have faith in family – done For whatever you have – Hold … Continue reading

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Stormy Weather

When a storm is coming, I can feel it. I’m not talking about ESP. What I mean is that my anxiety and sensory issues go into overdrive. Maybe its the barometric pressure. My ears throb, my head hurts, my body … Continue reading

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Crossroads – A Poem

A lonely wanderer stumbles down a seemingly endless dark dirt road Approaching what seems to be the old proverbial crossroads Straight ahead is barren with tattered houses like a ghost town The street name is backwards and impossible to pronounce … Continue reading

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Surrender – A Poem

Submitted to dVersePoets: Poetics Like a cool hand against a warm cheek A gentle breeze swirls & dances between soft gold rays that stream down through powder clouds as I lean against an old oak & breathe out Tired toes … Continue reading

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Absence – A Poem

For Boston & dVersePoets It burns to breathe, Leaning into the shadow of a faded memory- No words, just silence Exhaling the absence of nouns & verbs which billow // like a tangled stream of smoke, It burns to breathe. … Continue reading

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The Choice – A Poem

For dVersePoets: On the topic of “Irony” How many ways can you say the same name? Living like it’s Groundhog Day with a double-twist of poetic irony- How many hits can my face take Turning the proverbial cheek before I … Continue reading

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